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  • Are pets allowed in Chateau Valee?
    Yes.  All pets should be registered through the City of Bedford.  Additionally, all pets should be kept of a leash when outside and owners are responsbile for waste removal.  Failure to properly dispose of any pet waste may result in a $50 fine per occurence.  Pets may NOT be kept for (commercial) breeding purposes.
  • How close is the nearest public transit?
    Chateau Valeé is located 2.1 miles from the Hurst/Bell station for the Trinity Railway Express (TRE).  The TRE provides commuter rail service between Fort Worth and Dallas.  Click here for directions.
  • How much are monthly dues?
    $165 for townhomes.
  • I would like to make a change to the exterior of my home. Do I need to alert the HOA?
    Yes, you will want to provide the details of the change to the Architectural Control committee.  After reviewing your request, the committee will either "Approve" or "Deny" the request.
    A request can be submitted here.
  • On which days is trash picked up?
    Twice a week trash pick-up is Monday & Thursday and Recycle pick-up will be on Thursday.  Please see the City of Bedford's Solid Waste/Recycling page for the most up-to-date information.
  • What is the nearest hospital?
    The nearest hospital to Chateau Valeé is Texas Health Harris Methodist Hurst-Euless-BedfordClick here for directions.

  • Can I reserve the clubhouse for a private party? If so, how do I do that?
    Yes, the clubhouse may reserved for private parties.  Private parties will be limited to 25 guests.  A deposit of $100.00 will be required for scheduling a private party.  Each residence has the right to one free use of the clubhouse per year.  Additional usages will be charged daily fee of $25.00 to cover the cost of utilities, etc...   Deposit will be returned if the homeowner passes a mutual inspection.  The user is responsible for cleanup and for all damages that may be incurred.
    Parties may be scheduled by making a reservation here.
  • What are the operating hours for the pool?
    8 A.M. to 10 P.M.

  • Are Board Meetings open to all residents? If so, where and when are they held?
    Yes. Board meetings are normally held on the first Thursday of every month at 7 P.M. Meetings are held at the clubhouse. A meeting schedule is also available on the monthly calendar.
  • I would like to serve on a committee. How do I do this?
    If you are interested in serving on a committee please contact us and let us know which committee you are interested in serving on.
  • What are By-laws?
    The Bylaws are the guidelines for the operation of the non-profit corporation. The Bylaws define the duties of the various offices of the Board of Directors, the terms of the Directors, the membership's voting rights, required meetings and notices of meetings, and the principal office of the Association, as well as other specific items that are necessary to run the Association as a business. The Bylaws for the association may be viewed online by clicking here.
  • What is a homeowners association (HOA)?
    It is a non-profit corporation registered with the state and managed by a duly elected Board of Directors. Its purpose is to maintain all common areas and to govern the community in accordance with the provision of the legal documents: Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R's), Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation. Click here to view the governing documents. The corporation is financially supported by all members of the homeowners association. Membership is both automatic and mandatory.
  • What is the Board of Directors?
    The Homeowner's Association again is a corporation and therefore a governing body that is required to oversee its business. The Board of Directors is elected by the homeowners, or as otherwise specified in the bylaws.